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Monday, November 24, 2014

Storage is Everything!

I am working on a 14x14 image (Barn Horse), and I have been using a old tote bag from a bead show as a storage container. It was a great way to get all my stitching on the plane when I last flew. I wanted something especially for my cross stitch WIP, so I started looking around. I know that you can get cheap bags just about anywhere, but I didn’t want a cheap bag; I wanted something nice to put my stitching in. 

I had to be able to accommodate the pattern pages, hoops, frames, q-snaps, floss, needles, pencil, scissors and all the rest of the necessary items for cross stitching.

See, I am not always content to just sit and stitch at home. If I find myself stuck somewhere for any length of time, I want to use that time to relax and stitch, so I wanted something compact and mobile. I wanted it to be good looking, though. 

I also wanted to support handmade. 

I host the Handmade Community on Facebook, and when Cynthia Kirby joined, I wandered over to her shop on Etsy, ClassyRags2Bags and had a look around. It so happens, she lives down the road as the crow flies from my hometown in Illinois. As I was poking around in her shop, I saw this bag, and I posted it on Facebook. 

The more I looked at it, the more I realized that it would be a great fit for my cross stitch patterns and supplies. So, my mom, who is still in that small town, bought it for me, and it is just perfect for my stuff.

Everything fits amazingly, and I have two pockets that are just the right size for my patterns (on the inside) and my tools on the outside. It has a button closure on it that fits perfectly over the top of my q-snaps, and the bottom is flat, so it sits up. 

It has a roomy interior where I can fit all my floss and extra frames. 

It is padded and feels like a quilt. It is attractive and even though it is more of an autumn motif, I have no problem using this all year round.

I suggested to Cynthia that she start creating bags for the stitchers, so if you are in need of a great travel bag, then hop over to her Etsy shop and ask her to stitch one up for you. I am sure any fabric will do, but I bet if it has lots of xxxxxs on it, it will be a hit! 

Julie and Blu 

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