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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Free Pattern for You and Happy Holidays

from Julie and Blu at

Because we appreciate your continued support, Blu and I want to offer you a free pattern. You can have any pattern up to a $7 value for free. If you have been wanting some of my more complex or colorful patterns, now would be the time to get it for free.
Use code HappyHolidays when you check out to get $7 applied to your check out. There is no carry over balance, so if your order is less than $7, fill your cart until you hit $7. We want you to have lots of goodies for yourself this holiday season, so we are handing out free patterns.
You can only use the code once, but it is good until January 01, 2015 in case you don't have time to shop now.
Again, thank you SO much for all your support. I am having a great time designing patterns for you, and there are a lot of new things on the horizon for 2015 as I start to design for some Charles Craft blanks.
Keep warm and warm those fingers often.
Julie and Blu
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PSS - Here are just an example of some of the patterns for you to choose from:




I have been chasing magpies around for the last couple of years trying my best to get a photo of these scamps. Finally! He landed on the fence post and I shot. I really like the way the yellow grass and the green sage from the hillside set him off in this photo.

  • Title: Magpie
  • Stock: XSTCH-00456
  • Cloth: Aida 14
  • Stitches: 175 x 186
  • Inches: 12.5 x 13.29
  • CM: 31.75 x 33.76
  • Color Count: 50
  • Thread Manufacturer:DMC

Price $7 (FREE when you use your coupon code HappyHolidays)

I took this photo while hiking in Yosemite coming down from Vernal Falls. This path was best shown in black and white due to the contrast of the trees and the path, so in the tradition of Ansel Adams, here is my hiking photo.

  • Title: Hiking Yosemite
  • Stock: XSTCH-00522
  • Cloth: Aida 14
  • Stitches:153 x 200
  • Inches:10.93 x 14.29
  • CM:27.76 x 36.30
  • Color Count: 24
  • Thread Manufacturer:DMC
Price $7 (FREE if you use the coupon code HappyHolidays)

One of my newest projects is the dish towel. I have not designed a lot of these, but there are a few. I created them to fit the Charles Craft huck towel.

  • Title: Blue Butterfly Dishtowel
  • Stock: XSTCH-Towel-05
  • Cloth: Aida 14
  • Stitches:69 x 18
  • Inches:4.93 x 1.29
  • CM:12.52 x 3.27
  • Color Count:9
  • Thread Manufacturer:DMC
Price $2 (you still have $5 to spend)

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