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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pheasant Sighting

Growing up in rural Illinois, it was an autumn ritual for hunters to go forth and gather pheasants. I remember my dad bringing home a pheasant or two as I was growing up. I even got the big feathers that I stuck onto my bulletin board. I don’t recall ever eating the pheasant, but I know that it was plucked, cleaned and consumed. I suppose I have never been one to eat a game bird, but it is certainly a popular event for much of the country.

I don’t recall seeing a lot of pheasant while growing up, but the fields in Montana seem to host the majority of the pheasant population. It is not unusual to see a dozen or so just milling about in a field after a harvest. I am fortunate enough to be living on a pond that is home to a pretty pair of them.

They stroll along the bank of the pond and I noticed yesterday that the female was flying back and forth in front of the cabin. I don’t know where she is going, nor do I know where they are nesting, but I only saw her passing by. I did not capture her with my camera, but here is one of the males that lives here.


The male pheasant is not just a pretty face, but he also plays a role in taking care of the babies. The pheasant is found worldwide.

The pheasant is a common theme for artwork that has been created for a masculine setting. You can find large paintings that present the hunt found in the boardroom or other conference type rooms that have a masculine decor. The hunting scenes look great framed in mahogany or other deep woods.

I have created a pattern with just the male pheasant by himself. He would look great framed and hung in a den or home office.

  • Fabric: 14 count Aida
  • Counted Cross Stitch
  • Stitches:150 x 103
  • Size: 10.71 x 7.36 inches or 27.21 x 18.69 cm
  • Colors: DMC
  • Count: 83
  • Stencils


These beautiful birds are colorful and majestic, and they make a great wall art.


Julie and Blu

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