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Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Birds are Singing

Spring is still not here yet, but it is on its way. The arrival of the red winged blackbirds in the pond trilling their songs lets me know that soon it will be time for baby birds! Even the robins are in a romantic mood as they squawk and fuss around in the aspens.

The robins try very hard to create a nest in the trees out front along the pond, but this is a very windy area, so the nests usually get blown out of the tree and into the pond. That doesn’t stop them from continuing to try. I have hoped they would get it accomplished in order for me to see the babies first, but this has not worked out for me the last couple of years.

We got close last year, but no sooner had mom started to get her nest nice and comfy, a bully magpie came through and stole all the nest. At least she didn’t have any babies in it. She moved to another tree out of my sight, and presumably out of the sight of the magpies too.


I guess I should have gotten her a nice little birdhouse and bird feeder like these birds have.

  • Fabric: 14 count Aida
  • Counted Cross Stitch
  • Stitches: 125 x 137
  • Size: 8.93 x 9.79 inches or 22.68 x 24.86 cm
  • Colours: DMC
  • Count: 101 and lower
  • Stencils


Julie and Blu

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