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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf

Well, if you know anything about these interesting creatures, you might be.  They are hated, hunted, revered and worshipped depending upon cultural upbringing or which side of the fence your cattle are on.

I am fortunate enough to be close enough to Yellowstone that I can get there in an hour, so I have been spending time in the park, and upon occasion, enjoying the wolves and their packs. In addition, I do enjoy the rest of the park as well, but between the bison and the wolves, it seems like both of these controversial subjects bring blood to boil when discussed.

I fall on neither side of any of the arguments because I have no stake in the outcome. I am a transient on an extended vacation. I have heard the howls of both wolves and ranchers.

What I will say is that the animals are interesting, and they are magnificent in their natural habitat. The End.

The wolf is a pack animal that lives about five years in the wild. The males can weigh 100 pounds, and they feed primarily on hooved animals. The Yellowstone wolf was re-introduced in 1995 after a long absence. Hence, the controversy.

None the less, the wolf is found worldwide, and it is a relative, albeit distant, of the dog. They are howlers.


Since the wolf is a popular animal in art and decor, the cross stitch chart that I created gives you a chance to add a wolf to your wall.

  • Fabric: 14 count Aida
  • Counted Cross Stitch
  • Stitches: 161 x 200
  • Size: 11.50 x 14.29 inches or 29.21 x 36.29 cm
  • Colors: DMC
  • Count: 14
  • Original Photography Artwork

He would be a great addition to any room.


Julie and Blu

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